The 35W@94 project team will place a time capsule under a sidewalk near the 24th Street pedestrian bridge this month to commemorate this time in history. Oliver Freet, a fifth-grader from Lyndale Community School in Minneapolis, created an amazing drawing for our self-guided tour that he will add to the time capsule.

This is not the first time that we have connected with Oliver. Ms. Walker’s art class submitted drawings in 2019 to be included on the 35W@94 Self-Guided Tour. Oliver’s artwork was selected to be a part of the display on the Franklin Avenue bridge.

Q + A with Oliver, June 2021

We asked Oliver a few questions about his art and life in South Minneapolis. Here is his story:

Oliver is 10 and going into fifth grade. Oliver is not new to drawing, he started when he was about 2 years old! He really started to like it a lot when he was around 7 years old. We asked Oliver to tell us about his drawings. “Usually I like to draw with pencil on paper. But right now, my friend Lachlan and I are creating drawings on the computer of characters called Slime Bros.”

Oliver has a lot of ambitions when talking about what he wants to be when he grows up. He’s contemplating a comic book creator, video game designer, or movie director. When asked  what he liked about completing the art project that was included in the 35W@94 Self-Guided Tour, he said, “It gave me a chance to do something different. And I liked the final product. I liked looking at it when it was done.”

When Oliver is out and about in South Minneapolis, he likes playing with friends, going to Comic Book College, going swimming, going to museums, and running with his dad by Lake Harriet. His favorite animated character hails from the stop-motion realm. He loves the Terminator (T-800) and Wallace and Gromit.

Lastly, we asked Oliver the big question: how do art and transportation go together?

“Well, anything can be art. You just get an idea, and do it, and it can be art.”

-Oliver Freet

Oliver submitted a few other drawings.  I hope that none of us run into “Terror Squirrel” while we’re out exploring the benefits of the new 35W@94 project.