Time Capsules are nothing new.  In fact, the oldest known time capsule in the United states was created by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere in 1795.  Like us, they put newspaper articles and other small trinkets in a sealed capsule for future people to discover.

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, MnDOT buried a time capsule near the new 24th Street pedestrian bridge over I-35W.  Items were gathered from local schools, organizations, and community leaders. Minnesota’s Commissioner of Transportation Margaret Anderson Kelliher made a mask with traffic cone fabric to symbolize the pandemic and Open Eye Theater created a marionette.  Washburn High School contributed a yearbook and Lyndale Community School gathered student art, a yearbook, and a special book that all 4th grade students read.  MLatino gathered pins and buttons from Latino owned businesses and Lake Street Council contributed signs in Somali, Spanish and English.  In addition, there were newspaper articles, magazines, fliers, and letters to future people.

Samuel Adams and Paul Revere’s time capsule was discovered in 2014, 219 years after it was buried at the Massachusetts State House.  When will our time capsule be discovered?  It’s unlikely that it will go unfound for 200 years, but who knows?  MnDOT’s library will catalogue an article about the event along with a video and GPS coordinates marking the spot that it was buried.  We’ll also share the information with the Minnesota Historical Society and Hennepin History Museum.  Two 10-year old boys attended the event and put their drawings in the time capsule.  We’re hoping that they mark their calendars for 50 years from now to remind someone to dig it up and see what was going on in 2021.