One of MnDOT’s Engineers presented to three Introduction to Engineering classrooms at Washburn High School in Minneapolis on Jan. 11.  During the presentation, students learned about Engineering as a career, how to become an Engineer, and the different types of Engineers.  Following the presentation, students were divided up into two groups to do an interactive interchange activity to learn about the extensive planning involved in designing and building highway interchanges.

MnDOT traffic engineer shows Washburn students that there’s more to engineering than just a good salary. Engineers contribute significantly to society and get to use some really fun math and science.  
Several future engineers at Washburn high school designing a new highway interchange. They’re balancing the creation of efficient traffic flow with local stakeholder concerns.  
Washburn’s student environmental engineer impresses MnDOT traffic engineer with their clever, if not completely ethical, method of accommodating property owner concerns.  

MnDOT will continue working with surrounding schools on real-world learning, across a variety of disciplines. Reach out to our project team at if you’re interested in MnDOT working with your school or student community.