On September 23 and 24, the 35W@94 team joined Mr. Koupal’s middle school science class at Justice Page Middle School in Minneapolis for a presentation and experiment on Storm Water Management. Nick Olson, a Civil Engineer at MnDOT, gave an overview of his work on the 35W@94 project and shared with students some of the ways MnDOT manages water throughout the 35W highway and all across the state.

The class discussed where rainwater is stored during a storm and how we keep the roads from flooding—turns out that one of the 35W@94 project components will have a solution to this problem. Beginning in late August, crews began the building and installation of six underground storage tanks (between 40th and 42nd Street along 35W) When they are finished, the tanks will hold about 4.5 million gallons of water!

After the presentation, students engaged in an experiment that showed how water runoff travels through different mediums including: cement, soil, sand, pea gravel, and mulch. Students prepared a “filtration system” using steel wool, rubber tubing, and their assigned material to simulate water runoff that happens right in their backyard.