Hennepin County employee Ross Stark brought a snow plow to our Touch-a-Truck event at Urban Ventures Farm Stand on August 22 and I had a chance to talk to him when he wasn’t busy helping kids in and out of the cab of the plow.  We were only interrupted once by a loud horn and a smiling kid in the driver’s seat.

Ross has been with the county for 25 years.  During the winter, he drives this 32.5 ton snow plow to clear county roads.  For reference, the average car is about 2 tons so he suggests that you stay away when you see a plow coming.  They need space to maneuver and “don’t get stuck very often” so stay back!  In the summer, his crew deals with emergencies like downed trees, flooding, and other hazards in the road.

Hennepin County has 66 plow routes throughout the county.  In addition, MnDOT snow plows clear the state roads and the City of Minneapolis clear city streets.  I’m sure grateful for experienced drivers like Ross who keep our roads clear so that we can safely get to our destinations!