Check out how we’re improving your I-35W corridor.

MnDOT is reducing congestion as part of the 35W@94 Project by adding MnPASS lanes on the I-35W corridor. This includes converting the northbound I-35W dynamic shoulder lane between 46th Street and 26th Street to a MnPASS Express Lane and constructing a new MnPASS lane on southbound I-35W in this area. A new ramp from Northbound 35W to 94 westbound will also reduce congestions at that interchange.

What is MnPASS?

During peak-travel times transit, motorcycles and vehicles with two or more occupants including children or infants (HOV 2+) may drive in the designated MnPASS Express Lanes for free. Solo motorists who have a MnPASS account and a MnPASS tag pay a fee to drive in the MnPASS Express Lanes during peak-travel times. Most of the day though, the MnPASS lanes are open to all drivers and vehicles.

Visit the MnPASS website to learn more about how MnPASS works.