What is a Snooper?  I’ve heard of Snoopy, Snopes, and Snoop Dog, but never a Snooper.

MnDOT employees Chuck Quigley and Mark Pribula gave kids and parents a tour of this massive piece of equipment MnDOT uses to inspect the under-side of bridges. The massive arm and bucket extend over the side of the bridge and then hang down up to 75 feet so that MnDOT inspectors can get an up-close look underneath the bridge to ensure our safety.

Chuck drives this 77,820 pound vehicle around the state and throughout the metro area, inspecting everything from our local bridges to the impressive new bridge over the St. Croix River and the picturesque bridge over the Baptism River at Tettegouche State Park.  Mark is the lucky person who gets to ride in the bucket as it is lowered underneath the bridge, high above the water below.