The Lyndale neighborhood is in south Minneapolis and its borders are Lake Street to the north, I-35W to the east, Lyndale Avenue to the west, and 36th Street to the south. Winters can be spent hitting up the local cafes for a quick cup of coffee and summers start the weeknight ritual of walking to Bde Maka Ska. It’s fun to walk up and down Nicollet to tour the murals which decorate the street, celebrating the history of the neighborhood and the events around which the community gathers.

The neighborhood boasts multiple green spaces like the corner community garden, where you can find people working on growing tomatoes, jalapeños, butternut squash, and bee friendly flowers.

Those gardens are good examples of how diverse the community of 8,000 is, with back to back events like the Cinco de Mayo street festival and the Somali celebration days both taking place on Lake Street.

If you are looking for the best place to sit and take in the neighborhood then you have to hit up Painter Park on summer nights. If you happen to just miss the movies in the park you can jump in to one of the many games of basketball always taking place, set up a cookout while you watch the local kickball team play a nail biting game, or walk around with a scoop from Sonny’s Ice-cream next door. It is sure to be your next favorite.